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The level of poverty in Nigeria is very known and recognizable, and the ones who are greatly affected by this are the Nigerian youth. We understand their need for shelter, food, access to decent health care, and education. That is why Loving Hearts Foundation is here to advocate a cause to effectively meet these needs.

Through our delivering aid program, we are able to help many young Nigerian individuals and their families improve their quality of life. This program won’t be possible without the help of generous people who are the assets of our foundation. In order to continue what we have started, we welcome any and all individuals who have their interest in enhancing young people’s lives.

Where Do Funds Go?

All of the funds you donate go to field programs and advocacy work. We ensure that every aid or resource entrusted to us is used effectively and efficiently to help the children in Nigeria.

You can deliver aid of any kind. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. You can also visit our How You Can Take Action page to know how else you can help.